Systemic Racism

  1. If you truly believe that all humans are equal, then disparity in conditions can only be the result of systemic discrimination. (White Fragility)
  2. Slavery (1619-1865) – Jim Crow (segregation) (1877-1960’s) – Redlining (Housing discrimination) (1934 – 1968) – Mass Incarceration (1970’s – present).
  3. Racism is a structure, not an event. (White Fragility)
  4. Racism is a deeply embedded historical system of institutional power. (White Fragility)
  5. The White Racial Frame – How whites circulate and reinforce racial messages that position Whites as superior
  6. Anti-Blackness – This is different than racism. It is an inability to recognize the humanity of Black people.
  7. Diversity is tolerated if individuals adapt or conform to already existing norms.
  8. Racism is starting to be found as a source of chronic illness.
  9. Soledad O’Brien example of the medal of honor and their children going to college
  10. Racism will not end when black people stop feeling like victims, as many people in our community like to believe. It will only end when white people, the people who hold the power and who benefit from the systems, take responsibility to actively change them. (White Fragility)
  11. White people don’t see themselves in racial terms. (White Fragility)