1. Privilege is when you think there is not a problem because there is not a problem with you, personally.
  2. White Privilege is having a head start based on hundreds of years of systemic racism and oppression. It is having a head start intrinsically built into your life: it is not saying that your life isn’t hard, but it is saying that the color of your skin hasn’t contributed to the difficulty.
  3. You can’t shackle and chain someone for hundreds of years, liberate then to freely compete with the rest and still believe that you have been fair. (President Lyndon B. Johnson)
  4. Diversity is tolerated if individuals adapt or conform to already existing cultural norms.
  5. Identity Politics – Where the people who are being denied their rights, do not have the power to eliminate the denial. The people in power, who are different than those being denied their rights, have the power to make the change needed and those being denied must depend on them for things to change.
  6. If I am not aware of the barriers you face, then I won’t see them, much less be motivated to remove them. Now will I be motivated to remove the barriers if they provide an advantage to which I feel entitled?(White Fragility)
  7. Individualism claims that there are no intrinsic barriers to individual success and that failure is not a consequence of social structures but come from individual character.