Goals we hope to achieve

  1. Help White leaders see how unintentional racism manifests itself.
  2. Support those with an authentic desire to learn and understand more about their Black employees and associates.
  3. To get to the place to make this statement…”I know I have blind spots and unconscious investments in racism. I did not set this system up, but it does unfairly benefit me, I do use it to my advantage, and I am responsible for interrupting it. I need to work hard to change my role in the system, but I can’t do it alone. This understanding leads me to gratitude when others help me.”
  4. A black man was asked, “What would it be like if you could simply give a White person feedback, have them generously receive it, reflect, and work to change the behavior?” The Black man answered, “it would be revolutionary.”
  5. Stopping our racist patterns must be more important than working to convince others that we don’t have them.
  6. We must move from the worldview that many White people feel that only intentionally mean people can participate in racism.
  7. Lead our teams with Compassion, Empathy, Education and Understanding.
  8. Understand the concept and challenges of White solidarity.