A Life in Black and White. What do I mean by that? Because of my life experiences, I have been uniquely positioned to provide information and understanding to people of power, primarily White people, to help support better communication and engagement with their employees, families, and expand opportunities to show empathy and compassion to the Black community. Our goal is to help provide information to those who authentically want to learn more about the challenges the black community face in the workplace and how we can develop a true partnership through genuine understanding and knowledge, to help make our workplaces more collaborative and productive. I am seeing interest from many White Americans who want to learn how they can help break the cycle of Black racism and social injustice. This is a key time for business leaders to educate themselves on how to have these meaningful conversations with their employees of all races. Due to my business and life experiences, I find that I am uniquely qualified to offer support in doing just that.

Advisory Board

  • Bob Boyd – Co-Founder of Rule of 78
    Taylor Busby – VP Marketing and Demand generation at Stratifyd
  • Craig Pollack – Founder and CEO of FPA Technology Services
  • Troy Thrower – Owner, The Windward Group
    Margaret Hinch – CEO at ThoughtLens
  • John O’Leary – Live Inspired, Author, Live Event and Virtual Speaker
  • Carl Mackey – National Account Manager at Iverify
  • Jamila Gaskins – Cultural Change Specialist
  • Jason Ciment – CEO, GetVisible Digital Marketing

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