Corporate Coaching For Professionals of Color

Often times a bright young professional of color lands an opportunity to build a solid career and financial future on, only to stagnate in junior roles or wash out completely. When this happens, it is not due the persons inability to manage the tasks assigned, but more of an issue with having the tools required to navigate a corporate world that is foreign to them.

Navigating any new terrain is a lot easier if you have a guide that is familiar with the landscape and has an interest in seeing you arrive at your destination in the most direct path. Coaching can play a vital role in helping professionals of color work through the intellectual and emotional issues that they must navigate through if they are to create meaningful value for their organization and reach their full professional potential.

Our hope is when we build meaningful relationships with organizations that authentically want to embrace change and build a culture that includes young black men and women, that we can provide the people prepared to be a part of the organizational growth and success.